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The information presented in the Leadership section of this website was compiled in partial fulfillment for the course EDU 706: School and Community Relations at the University of New England. 

The course was completed as part of the program Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership.


Guiding Questions:

How can the arts be integrated into our community?

How can we build community appreciation of the arts and utilize local resources?

             Our school community serves as the central hub of a small town of less than 4,000 people in rural North Country, New York. As such, there is a great interest in the school events, schedule, and day-to-day happenings. As an arts teacher, I see a great opportunity to increase the community’s awareness of arts in school, the community, and in their own home.

             I will create an interactive Lisbon Central School Arts website that can be linked to the school district website and published on other local sites. It will be regularly updated with activities and lessons from school, but also provide a resource for families to bring the arts into their homes. There are many ways of providing students with a positive arts education outside of school through discussion, exposure to different styles, attendance at events, bringing school activities home, etc. Further, this resource site will provide parents and guardians with information regarding misconceptions about arts education. For example, it is not a stand-alone subject area, but a cultural aspect of our lives that permeates many of our daily activities. For example, by looking ahead to the year overview curriculum document, our arts central portal will allow parents to see a connection between a science unit about vibrations and a music drumming unit. Simple experiments and reinforcement activities will be shared so that families can be involved in their child’s learning. Before a concert, simple concert questions will be posted to assist parents in having a meaningful conversation with their child about the performance.

           The overarching goal of this interactive portal is to help develop the school as a positive resource for students, families, and the community at large. This directly and indirectly advocates for education and student well-being throughout the school.

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