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“...he exposes students to human commonality, diversity, and multiple perspectives while developing student attitudes and skills through music…”

                       Dr. Yann W. Lussiez, Principal-MEF International School


“Andrew is personable, enthusiastic, organized, and he posses outstanding executive functioning skills.

                       Mr. James Connell, Executive Director-Linden Place Museum


“Mr. Arcello not only taught me about music, he taught me about loving my life, and myself exactly the way that I am.”

                       Ian McCurry, Student-Somerset Berkley Regional High School


“...You are proof that one person can make a huge difference in the life of another. Thank you.

                       Dr. Mary McCurry, Parent-Somerset Berkley Regional High School


“...his professional decorum, passion for music, and ability to connect to all students make him a teacher that my daughters will fondly remember for years to come…”

                        Mrs. Krastina Aranitasi,Parent-MEF International School


"Mr. Arcello is a natural leader and problem solver who thinks on his feet and is level headed in his decisions. He is passionate and talented in what he does and is an excellent role model for students and his colleagues. He is wise beyond his years, with the energy of his youth."
                              Ms. Connie Skrmetta, Colleague-PE Teacher, MEF International School


"Mr. Arcello's  larger than life personality filled the hallways with a contagious cheerfulness that spread like rapid fire through our school! His students and peers thoroughly enjoy being around him---his passion is real and true!"

                              Ms. Nicole N. Copeland, Colleague-Language Arts Teacher, Somerset Berkley Regional High School


​“Mr. Arcello’s talent and enduring personality set him apart from other choral directors. It is clear to his colleagues and students that he was born to conduct choirs.”

                              Mrs. Paulette LaParle, Conducting Supervisor

“...a confident teacher, creatve, thoughtful, and respected by his students and peers."

​                              Patricia Wurst Cichy, Ph.D. , Music Education Director at Providence College



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